What’s the difference between Vinyasa and Slow Flow Yoga?

I’ve recently been asked what the difference is between our Vinyasa and Slow Flow Yoga classes, so here you go…


Vinyasa in Sanskrit means ‘to place in a special way’, which means that we place our body with mindful presence and breath, moving in the moment from one position to another in a ‘flow’.

A Vinyasa will always contain a version of Plank/Chaturanga (Yoga Press Up), a Back Bend/Down Dog type move, but can also contain a huge variety of other postures depending on what mood I’m in when I write the class!

Our current Vinyasa classes have a focus on legs, and we are just starting to introduce shoulders. It is quite physical, so you can expect to get warm.

Vinyasa is suitable for yoga beginners who currently exercise, up to yoga professionals as every move is adaptive. I feel tired and calmer after this stronger class.

Slow Flow

Our Slow Flow is similar in some ways. We move between postures with consciousness and the breath again, but it is much slower, gentler and contains NO chaturanga, which can be highly appealing! We move through postures including standing, seated, forward folds, and reclining poses but the focus tends to be on achieving a good range of movement, posture, flexibility & mobility.

Slow Flow is suitable for yoga beginners and anyone needing a good stretch! I always feel calm and happy after this class 🙂

Free trial

If you’re new to Ad Astra, you can try one class free at any time. Just send me a message through the Ad Astra Facebook page, or ask a current member to introduce you when they book. Members can swap and change their classes as and when they choose, even with the monthly passes and bundles. I recommend the five class or ten class block booking bundle, which are good for yoga or Pilates, and are face to face at the Marigold Square Community Centre on Shilton Park, Carterton, so I can keep an eye on your posture.

Pick one or try both! I’d love to meet you – Jayne.