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A Warm Welcome to Ad Astra Yoga & Pilates

“Challenge the body to calm the mind”

That is what Ad Astra classes are all about. Sometimes you might want to challenge your cardio & strength, sometimes you might want to challenge your flexibility and tolerance, or even go on a virtual journey through your mind. But all with the aim of grounding you and finding some peace in a frantic world.

Ad Astra offers an unparalleled variety of Yoga & Pilates classes, delivered face to face in West Oxfordshire, or online in your own home.

Our Classes

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50+ Pilates

50+ Pilates is suitable for seniors – beginners to intermediates –  prefect if you’re needing a stretch! We focus on posture, balance, flexibility and functional strengthening exercises.


Athletic Pilates

This ONLINE Athletic Pilates class is a physical Pilates-based class that is suitable for people who have some experience of Pilates, and who are currently exercising – this one is not for beginners!



FLEX Is a strength, mobility and flexibility class for today’s lifestyle. Is your body feeling tight? Lower back, hips and shoulders need releasing? FLEX will improve your mobility, strength and flexibility in one motivating class.


Vinyasa/HIIT Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga unites movement and breath; the word Vinyasa means ‘to place with consciousness’, so we will be moving from posture to posture working with our breathing pattern, with some physical intervals.


Slow Flow

This Slow Flow class is based on vinyasa & Hatha Yoga and the focus is on flexibility and balance. Working with conscious breath, this slower session is excellent for post workout, or those newer to yoga.


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a 45min guided relaxation into Yogic sleep, where you can explore a little about yourself if you’d like to – many people do fall asleep during the session and it’s super relaxing.



HIIT is an efficient way to quickly improve your fitness. Incorporating cardio, plyometrics & strength training, in intense intervals of work & rest. Results are delivered FAST!

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