Meet Your Teacher

Jayne Attwood 

So let me say hello and tell you a little about me.

Having been into sport (swimming, running & triathlon in particular) all my life, I decided to start turning an interest into a career in 2010. I have taught exercise in various forms around West Oxfordshire as my full time career for 8 years, gaining qualifications, teaching experience, and having lots of laughs. My favourite 2 classes to teach are Mat Pilates and Yoga. I’ve participated in Yoga for 25 years, but once I completed my Yoga Teacher training, I just knew that this was where it would be at for me.

In my world of crazy teens & hubby working away from home, sharing my love for Yoga & Pilates is a MUST to keep me mentally and physically sane. I’ve had a great experience taking my classes online during the COVID-19 lockdown and it’s wonderful to be able to see & chat with people during these strange times. It has been a blessing to be able to start COVID risk managed face to face classes again more recently though.

Physical Goal: Half Ironman

Teaching Passion: Yoga – I love it so much because it can be so many different things – slow, fast, sweaty, calm, strong, stretchy, mindful….. Everyone needs some yoga in their life – and just to dispel a myth – you do NOT need to be flexible to do Yoga!

Favourite Ways to Keep Fit: Yoga (obviously), Pump, walking & 5-10km runs (well, jogging really). I use guided meditation from Headspace to keep my brain fit too.

Top Nutrition Tip: Keep a track of your carbohydrate intake! The NHS recommends around 260g of carbs/day. If you’re trying to lose weight, or are peri-menopausal, I’d recommend below 120g/day, with your biggest carb source being vegetables, then fruit, then starchy carbs (brown/wild rice, quinoa, baked potatoes, oats).


Exercise Qualifications…

  • Level 2 Exercise to Music
  • Indoor Cycling Advanced Instructor
  • Pump fx
  • Boxercise & Kickboxercise Instructor
  • Level 3 Mat Pilates Diploma
  • Level 3 Yoga Diploma + Advanced Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra & Level 1 Yin Yoga
  • Pilates for Orthopaedic Conditions Diploma
  • F L E X Instructor
Jayne_Yoga Pose