I admit it, Fridays don’t usually lend themselves to exercise for me, but I have listened to my members, and I am proud to introduce the new Friday morning, Movement and Mobility class, right here at the Carterton Community Centre in Marigold Square.

This is a very special, exclusive class for a maximum of six people only. Combining Yoga and Pilates moves to create a well-rounded class that hits all the right spots, Movement and Mobility is suitable for seniors, beginners or anyone who finds themselves getting a bit stiff in the evenings!

I will be teaching the basic principles of Yoga and Pilates which are:

  • Balance

Essential for maintaining good posture, improving reaction times and avoiding risk of injury through better muscle control. Your brain health is much improved too due to the focus required to practice balance poses, which works to slow the onset and progression of age-related forgetfulness and even certain types of Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Strength

Weight bearing exercise, even if it’s your own body weight, has numerous benefits such as bone-strengthening, lowering risk of heart disease, diabetes and improving your brain health as well as boosting your metabolism after your class for better calorie burning and oxygen use. Muscles become stronger and more capable.

  • Flexibility

We could all do with a bit more height or better reach! Flexibility refers to the muscle’s ability to lengthen and enable us to move our bodies to the fullest. As we age, we naturally lose flexibility and so it’s important to keep training to maintain the ability to flex, reach and twist, to carry out day to day tasks.

  • Mobility

Similar to flexibility but referring to the joints abilities to stay lubricated and maintain a full range of movement without pain or restriction. Essential for getting up and down stairs without that annoying niggle and extending reach.

Join me and five others for a slower but deep workout every Friday morning from 10. Book via the Ad Astra Yoga and Pilates booking portal, or use your Gymcatch app, all the dates are up. As always, please ask me any questions, I’m happy and interested to hear your thoughts. Email me or message through Facebook. Looking forward to seeing you soon – Jayne x

Watch the class intro video here