Share our love of Pump, and Vinyasa Yoga with your friends and they can come for free in February*.

I’ve noticed that Mondays seem to be an unpopular time for exercising. Maybe it’s because we’re still coming down from a busy weekend, or tired from yet another Monday at work. But I believe they are the best days to be exercising! Why?

Studies show that moving your body to music is terrific for your wellbeing, helping us with feelings of anxiety, and lifting our mood.

Get Pumping!

Listening to music when lifting weights in particular, has the added benefit of distracting you somewhat as you follow the beat and my count. It encourages you to work harder, finish that set and (for me anyway), makes me very happy when a banging tune comes on and I nail the beat!

That’s just one thing that Pump’s about. Yes, it’s got an element of cardio to it too, but working your muscles speeds up your metabolism making your body’s energy (fat) burning more efficient. Adding a load to your bones when exercising also promotes strength and can counter the onset of osteoporosis.

There’s more about exactly what goes on in a Pump class in my blog: ‘What’s Pump all about then?’. Show your friends the video if they’re not convinced on why you like it so much!

Pump is perfect for reinvigorating you after a Monday at your desk, and to set you up for your exercise routine all week.

And as for Vinyasa…

If you’re not into lifting weights to music, practising Vinyasa to softer music couldn’t be more different! A stronger form of yoga for exercise, you will still raise your heart rate and encourage muscle strengthening, whilst working on flexibility and mobility.

Rather than flinging a dumbbell around, you move carefully, from one yoga pose to another (nearly always with a yoga press up in there), holding poses, bending and moving with a mindful breathing pattern.

Once again, Vinyasa focuses the mind, clearing the petty distractions and annoyances of the day while you move, relieving stress and anxiety.

This video compares two different levels of ability, making my Monday Vinyasa suitable for all.

So, you see, Mondays are THE BEST DAYS for exercising, especially with friends! When you book yourself in, message me on Facebook, or text/call on 07968 344681, and I’ll book your friend in with you*. Just let me know if they want to come face to face, or if they’re a Zoomer.

See all class dates on my Ad Astra Booking link.

*One member can bring one new person at a time. You can bring up to two newbies (2 different friends) and you will both get a free class.