If you’ve never tried Ad Astra’s classes before and want to give one a go without committing to membership, now’s your chance! For classes booked between now and 28th February 2021 we’re offering your first one free – no obligation – no judgement – just flexibility, fitness and fun!

What class will you choose?


Developed over thousands of years and originating from India, yoga intends to connect the physical and spiritual/consciousness. In the West and in Ad Astra classes, we practise the physical discipline using poses known as Asana. There are hundreds of Asanas of varying degrees of difficulty. We also practise breathing and meditation/mindfulness techniques to help calm and balance the mind and body.

Ad Astra teaches three different types of Yoga in our classes:

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means to ‘place with consciousness’, so in this class we move according to our breathing patterns and flow from one pose to another with concentration and mindfulness. We include some more physical intervals between series of poses to raise the heartbeat and temperature, and therefore sometime refer to it as ‘sweaty yoga’.

Slow Flow Yoga

In Slow Flow, we combine the flowing movement between a series of poses as in Vinyasa, with a deep breathing technique and meditative focus as used in Hatha Yoga. This is a slower class, but no less strenuous and is affectionately called ‘calm yoga’.

Friday Calm

The Friday Calm is a mixture of breathwork, meditation and slow deliberate Yoga-based movement for mobility and physical and mental calm – perfect for the times we live in.


Pilates was invented in the 50’s by Joseph Pilates as a rehabilitation form of exercise for injured dancers. For this reason, Pilates is excellent to help you regain strength and control over your muscles and movement. Good for aiding recovery from back issues, developing flexibility and joint mobility. Pilates comes in three styles from Ad Astra:

Pilates 4 All

As it says in the title, this class is great for beginners and intermediates, seniors and old-hats. The focus is on good posture and balance, and each exercise includes adaptations to make it stronger as we work through.

Athletic Pilates

The strongest form of Pilates with faster movements and generally delivered at pace to really get the heart pumping. AP, as we call it is a physical class suitable for people with some experience of Pilates and who currently exercise – great fun but not one for beginners!


A strength, stretch & mobility class using Pilates techniques as a basis, ideal for those who have stiffness and reduced mobility, perhaps due to impact exercise such as running or a strength based exercise such as weightlifting. FLEX will improve your mobility and flexibility through the use of ‘prickle balls’ or tennis balls, foam rollers, exercise bands and more advanced stretch techniques. The stretches are adapted for those who do not have the equipment at home.

LIT 4 All

Moving away from Yoga and Pilates, LIT stands for Low Impact Training. There is no jumping around, but expect a strength class with cardio intervals. You may want to introduce your own weights such as dumbbells or even food cans or filled water bottles. This class gives you quick results and is suitable for all – beginners and gym lovers alike, any age…

Our Thursday evening class is stronger than the Tuesday morning class – still low impact and still suitable for all, just a little sweatier!


One of Jayne’s favourite classes to teach, Pump is a rhythmic weights based class, moving in time to music. You will need a barbell and plate weights or dumbbells (or whatever you can lay your hands on). Enjoy the different tracks for each area of the body, including plenty of squats, push ups and dead lifts. If you lift, or want to, you’ll love this one!

Choose your class and book

Once you’ve chosen which class is for you, please visit our booking page to select the day and time that suits you and then get in touch to book – via adastrayoga@gmail.com or via the Ad Astra Yoga & Pilates Facebook or Instagram pages.

Once booked, you will receive an email confirmation which you can copy into your calendar. We look forward to seeing you soon – don’t forget to clear your space and get any equipment out beforehand!

If you have any questions, Jayne is on hand to answer via Messenger on the Ad Astra Yoga & Pilates Facebook page.