It’s not just men that can experience a drop in testosterone as they get older, women find this happens during menopause too. The advice in this article is beneficial to both men and women and can have fabulous results…

Testosterone is the sexy hormone, and when we give it a boost, well need I say more..? Not only that, a healthy T-Level helps maintain muscle mass and bone density (and a bit more for the chaps among us)…

1 Switch up your shopping list

Sugary foods and trans fats (as found in pastries and cakes) can actually have the opposite effect of boosting testosterone, so see where you can swap these foods out for a healthier choice of snack or breakfast. Oily fish, green leafy veg, eggs and legumes are what you’re aiming for, so why not try toasting some natural almonds as a snack or ditching the cinnamon swirl for smoked salmon and eggs?

    2 How much alcohol do you drink?

    Interestingly, alcohol has opposite effects on men and women when it comes to testosterone levels. It goes up when women drink, and down when men drink (raising the oestrogen levels at the same time). This is why, incidentally, you get bold behaviour from women and a feminine fat distribution in men… Anyway, whether you’re male or female, reducing your alcohol intake will cut un-necessary calories.

    I’ve got some ideas for alcohol free swaps in the Facebook feed.

    3 Drop a few pounds

    Speaking of calories and body fat… It’s easier said than done to drop a few pounds, I know. But carrying extra weight in the form of body fat can elevate your oestrogen and lower that sexy hormone – and bonus, you might feel less self-conscience too… Did you know that the body prioritises alcohol as an energy source, and so when you eat, those food calories are stored away as fat?

    4 Add some weights and resistance training

    Lifting weights is not only great for keeping your bones healthy by reducing the risk of osteoarthritis, but a little lifting and some resistance training like using your bodyweight as resistance can give you an immediate testosterone boost. ‘Ad Astra Style’ yoga, Pilates and HIIT are great examples…

    5 Eat little and often

    The idea is really to prevent yourself from getting really hungry. A healthy snack of a handful of nuts, fruit and rye crackers, or veggies and houmous or nut butter, for example will keep your brain from going into ‘starvation mode’ which switches off testosterone production and hits you with sugar crashes too.

    Have you noticed anything familiar about the advice above?! That’s because adopting a diet of less sugar and unhealthy fats, and doing some resistance training is fantastic advice for pretty much every part of life and every person! Have a look through the other articles in the blog for more specific advice, or book your next yoga or Pilates class on the class booking portal…