June was the month for PHITness, and we smashed out two super Pilates HIT classes a week and everyone loved it!

What is Pilates High Intensity Training?

In a nutshell, we work in sets of three Pilates-based strength or mobility exercises, fairly hard for intervals of 30 or 60 seconds, focusing on the core (with just a bit of waving the arms and legs around).

Depending on the fitness and strength levels of the members, I might design the class to work the whole body as you’d get in Tuesday morning classes, or to focus on one specific area, such as with the Wednesday night sessions where I load up the glutes or abs for example.

Much the same as in a regular high intensity and interval class, we work as hard as we can and rest when we need to. It’s based on your limits, not mine, so it’s up to you to listen to your body and not always wait for the timed rest period – PHIT is designed to make you work hard, and you might need to rest earlier!

Some of the favourite exercises I included were:

  • Knee raises, with opposite arms too
  • Roll backs with some arms
  • Saw leg lifts, clam, and leg pulls
  • Mountain climbers, slow or fast
  • Crunch variations, including cycling
  • Leg lifts to the front, side and rear
  • Jumping and/or plank jacks

Of course, anyone who knows me knows I enjoy ‘a bit of a play’ with my exercises, so expect to be surprised, but classes are differentiated according to members’ comfort zones.

We finish the 30-minute push with a good 15 minutes of stretch and cool down, getting into the muscles that have just done us proud. We’ll lengthen those tight muscles and settle our bodies ready for home 😊

But what’s the point I hear you ask?

The focus of Pilates moves is largely the core, with some leg and arm work to bring the whole body into play. Working on multiple muscle groups at one time, Pilates activates both large and small muscle groups, so when combining this with a cardio element, we get a whole-body workout in super quick time.

PHIT is therefore helpful for burning calories, energising us, boosting the metabolism and improving balance and stability. What’s not to love?!

And if you don’t believe me (because who would believe a fitness instructor?!), here’s what PHIT lover, Mary had to say about June’s Tuesday course…

“I loved doing the Pilates Hit. I like the constant movement and it feels so good!”

And Hilary from Wednesday nights said, “It feels like a classic Pilates class but with added oomf! I really enjoyed PHIT, please tell me you’re going to do it again, Jayne?!”

PHIT will return!

Of course I’ll be bringing PHIT back! I’ve got lots of ideas and plans are forming for variations on my usual classes, including masterclasses, charity classes, fusion classes and of course Pilates High Intensity. Email or message me on Facebook to let me know what you’re interested in and I’ll make sure you don’t miss out.