OK, so essentially a sound bath is a meditative experience where the participant is surrounded and immersed in gentle, soothing waves of sound. The aim is to bring about a state of deep relaxation which you can draw upon for rejuvenating the soul and spirit, improving sleep and lowering anxiety.

On Saturday 24th June, I’m joining with Rachel of Angelite Energy Healing to take you through a most wonderfully healing and rejuvenating yoga session.

We’ll begin with an hour of classic Ad Astra Slow Flow Yoga, moving our bodies gently through poses to draw the energy from the universe for healing our hearts and souls. Then, after a short break, Rachel will take us through a specially written Yoga Nidra set to encourage deep rejuvenation and begin the healing session.

If you’ve never experienced a sound bath, you’ll be lying on your yoga mat, making yourself comfortable with pillows and blankets. You’ll have plenty of time to wrap yourself up cosy before we begin!

Rachel will then help you focus on the breath to calm our minds before the sound begins.

A selection of sound instruments such as healing bowls, tuning forks and gongs will be used to produce different sounds at varying resonances which will surround you in gentle healing waves. Rachel’s infamous crystal bowl reverberates through the floor, allowing the sound to completely surround you.

Some of the crystal bowls used will have water in them to change their sound and at the end of the session you’ll be able to drink a little of that amazingly energised water (should you wish).

Be prepared to feel incredibly relaxed, so wear your usual yoga clothes, and bring another layer and a blanket for when the body temperature drops (fluffy socks are a must!). Cushions and pillows are also recommended to support the head, neck and behind the knees for complete comfort.

This super-special extended class is only £20, for two soulful hours of yoga, with two amazing teachers and an experience like no other! To book, find the event on Gymcatch or Facebook. And please feel free to email or catch me after class if you have any questions.

Please be aware that if you have a mental health condition or epilepsy that is triggered by sound or meditation, or if you are pregnant this session is not recommended for you.